Learn English

Hi! My name is Rizki Ramadhani. Now, I try to writing my activity, my thought, my oppinion, anything in English, but not at all. I have to do it because that’s my duty as scolar BeU Fast Track Program. Actually, I think that I can’t learning English better although I start learn English from Elementary School and now I am a student in Bachelor Degree University of Brawijaya also Post-Graduate in same university. How stupid me can’t use English whereas have long time to study that. Hence, I have to practice my English ability through writing in here. Yes, I know my article imperfect, but I use this to develop my ability, I hope I accustomed to use English in my daily.
English is very important, many reference to my college use English, so I have to understand that. In addition, I have to practice my English ability. At first, I think English is very difficult, to speak, writing, understand conversation and others. But, I know I feel that because I never use English in my daily, in my activity so I feel that so difficult. Because that I will writing here…
to be continued… Thank you for reading this blog 


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