a little bit bout friendship (from Vibe-ku novel)

In this novel, many point that very important especially in teenager moment. This novel tell about friedship between four person that are Gizza, Mandy, Vibe and Damar. They are friend since Elementary School. Mandy is a girl that her manner sometimes tomboy, look like a boy but Gizza exactly the opposite of Mandy. As a girl, Gizza very feminine. Gizza is a beauty girl so many boys like her, whereas Damar is a boy that like to scatter enchantment with many girls. Vibe is a cool boy, he usually a quiet boy.

In their new school at Senior High School, Gizza and Mandy are classmate. Vibe and Damar are classmate too but in different class. In their new class, many boys want to get acquaintance with Gizza, they are Ariel, Arman, Sammy, Sapta, Dude, and many more, while Mandy that sit besides her exactly not get an acquaintance. So sometimes mandy felt envy with Gizza. Until one moment, happened misunderstood each other. Without intentionally Mandy said word “pregnant” with loud voice in front of Gizza. So, many friends to suppose Gizza was pregnant.

Finally a teacher comand Gizza to teacher room, her parent too had came and Gizza had undertook a pregnancy test. Just because of that, Gizza blame to Mandy and Gizza decided friendship with Mandy. In other side mandy did not suppose that her expression made effect so far like that, but Vibe and Damar always supported Mandy and to convince that Gizza indeed did not want to forgive Mandy. Damar also had junction in this friendship, he was though his girlfriend more important that his friendship. So, only two person, Vibe and mandy that always visited their base camp on the weekend. Apparently, indeed their friendship did broken. Just because of selfish, plait friendship since a long, must over.

“I’m writing this when I’m in Senior High School, just for task English lecturer. I think many words that incorrect, but, it’s my process to learn and practice my English ability”

thank you to have read this 🙂

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